Who’s your little Angel’s Guardian?

Little Angel

Should the unthinkable happen, make sure your child avoids social care

Singapore Temporary Guardianship

As an expatriate, it is likely your nominated legal guardians for your children, named in your wills, do not live in Singapore. If your children are suddenly orphaned a delay will occur until the legal guardians arrive in the country and are able to take up their responsibility.

The Singapore authorities have a duty to take children into social care from day one, if something happens to both parents, and they will remain there until a legal guardian is approved. It is not normal practice to leave the children with the carer.

It is possible to put in place a Temporary Guardianship to ensure that your children can remain in the care of someone they know and trust until the legal guardian can take over.

This is usually close neighbours or friends and can be nominated by way of a simple signed authority, a copy of which should be left with the nominated temporary guardian.

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