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What is Wealth Solutions?

The often forgotten component of Financial Planning, Wealth Solutions, is an essential component of your financial planning which puts in place a structure which will allow you to achieve your objectives in a way that ensures compliant, non-contentious tax efficiency.

Previously available only to the most affluent in society, AAM Wealth Solutions brings true Financial Planning to everyone.

Our expertise in structuring tax efficient savings and investments, managed by our dedicated Wealth Solutions team ensures AAM clients can enjoy their wealth and build a lasting legacy.

How we work:

  • When thinking about your wealth, we consider
    • what is it for?
    • when will you use it?
    • where might you be and what taxes may apply?
    • who else so you want to benefit?

The AAM Advisory Wealth Solutions Team

It is important to take stock of your plans for key milestones in your life, such as moving to a new country, your children’s education, saving to buy a home and planning for retirement. AAM Wealth Solutions works with you to ensure that the creeping globalisation of taxation does not prevent you from achieving your goals.

It is also important to ensure that, should the worst happen, your nearest and dearest (not tax authorities) are the ones who benefit most once you are gone. AAM Wealth Solutions will help you develop a Wealth Preservation Strategy which aims to put your wealth in the right hands at the right time and minimise the impact of estate taxes.

Our Specialised Services

  • The Wealth Solutions UK Pension Audit checks that you have the best Pension, or if better is available, and puts you are in control knowing what you can expect in retirement
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Planning helps you navigate the maze of Global Taxation
  • Retirement Planning to help you enjoy the lifestyle you want when you retire
  • Estate and Succession Planning to make certain that your wealth passes to your intended beneficiaries with the minimum of tax deducted
  • UK Tax Return Preparation and Submission to simplify the management of your UK tax affairs
  • The AAM Wealth Solutions Seminar Series ensures that you are kept up to date on developments which can enhance or threaten your financial wellbeing

Let us help you protect and grow your wealth. Studies have shown, and we’ve written about The Value of Advice giving you peace of mind and improving your financial journey. Speak to our AAM Wealth Solutions team to see how you can benefit from our comprehensive wealth planning services.

About AAM Advisory

AAM Advisory offers a complete financial planning service for Expatriates in Singapore focused around wealth creation and preservation strategies. We have a team of over 30 experienced financial representatives backed by a wealth of research, knowledge and expertise. We work with over 4,500 clients advising them collectively on over SGD 1 billion. 

International Advisor, Best Practice Advisor Awards

We were winners in the following categories:

  1. Excellence in Social Media (Singapore), 2017
  2. Excellence in Marketing & Client Engagement (Singapore), 2017
  3. Excellence In Investment Planning (Singapore), 2016
  4. Excellence In Professional Development (Singapore), 2016