UK Pension Audit Service

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How important is your pension to you?

Making sure that you have the right pension can make a difference of up to 45% in the net retirement income you receive! Our UK Pension Audit Service will provide you with the vital facts and information that you need before choosing your pension abroad

Protect your pension from cash strapped governments

It doesn’t matter who is in Government, as the UK struggles to repay its debt, private and company pensions have become ever more attractive targets.

We can show you how you can protect your UK pensions from future legislation changes, giving you real security and peace of mind in your retirement.

Our UK Pension Audit Service gives you a completely unbiased view of the UK and overseas pension markets with no initial fee, obligation or any pressure to act, only the facts you need to ensure you and your family enjoy a fantastic retirement.

Your comprehensive UK pension transfer & QROPS review goes far beyond simply helping you to secure a pension. It will enable you to fully understand all the options available as someone with a UK based pension who now lives abroad.

Why take chances when you can use our UK Pension Audit Service?

Your review will achieve one of two things:

You’ll discover that you’ve already made the right choices and have the absolute peace of mind that you’ve selected the best pension solution for your needs


You’ll learn that you can improve your net retirement income by moving to a more suitable pension arrangement.

Those two reasons alone make our UK Pension Audit Service the most useful overseas pension review by far.
Your review is undertaken by a team of experts who put you first!

Your Review is provided by an expert team, overseen by a UK Chartered Financial Planner with over 21 years of pension experience. It will be carried out in line with FCA guidelines to ensure you receive the best advice available.

By providing a detailed analysis of your existing pensions and relevant alternatives, we will help you understand the real pros and cons of pension transfers so you can make an informed choice about the best way to plan for your retirement.

As an expat you have more opportunities to plan for a tax efficient retirement

The benefits of a pension transfer may include:

  • You may leave ALL unused pension funds to your beneficiaries free of UK IHT
  • You may take a larger tax free lump sum of up to 30% (versus 25% in the UK)
  • A pension that is free from all UK taxes
  • You can withdraw your pension income and other benefits in the currency of your choice with no need for regular currency conversions.
  • You can enjoy much greater investment freedom.
  • Growth above the UK lifetime allowance will not be subject to 55% tax