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Tax Effective Savings and Investments

Living in Singapore gives you a wonderful opportunity to build your savings to provide for your future while you are paying low rates of tax.

Unfortunately, when you move on from Singapore, you are likely to pay much more in tax on your hard earned savings.

At AAM we specialise in helping you to protect your money against double taxation, at ever higher rates.

Meeting with us you will find out how we can help you reduce the impact of future taxation and make your money work for you not the taxman.

Family Protection & Insurances

Do you have adequate protection in place for yourself and your family?  Most people assume they do, but after a complementary insurance review we often find this not to be the case.

  • Employee benefits are usually insufficient, and only temporary – they will disappear as soon as your employment ceases.
  • Cover taken out in another country may no longer be valid whilst you are living in Singapore.  You could be paying for something every month that you will never be able to use.
  • Depending on your nationality, your cover may need to be held in a Trust.  Without this, a large proportion of the proceeds can end up with the taxman instead of your chosen   beneficiaries.
  • Premiums have fallen dramatically, so even if your cover is sufficient, we may be able to replicate this at a lower cost for you.

Do you have adequate protection in place for yourself and your family?  Possibly. But are you willing to gamble your family’s financial future on it?  Be 100% sure and make sure you have reviewed everything first.

Pension Audit / Retirement Planning

As an expat you may well have pensions you have built up before you came to Singapore, but now have no way to keep building up the funds you need for retirement.

Your existing pensions may be the best for you, or there may be a better option for you to maximise how they work for you in retirement.

Meeting with us you can make sure you have the optimal pension and find out what you can do to build the funds you will need to have the retirement you want.

Education Fee Planning

As an expat you may well be coming to terms with the fact that your children’s education is going to cost more than you had imagined – or you may still have the shock of this to come!

Providing the money for your children’s education becomes harder the longer you leave it.

At AAM we work with you to ensure that funding your children’s education doesn’t have to mean that you go without, or that you have to delay your retirement.

Wills & Estate Planning

Setting up your will, and appointing permanent and temporary guardians for your children is an essential task for every expat, but is this enough?

Can you be sure that:

  • Your loved ones will inherit what you want them to?
  • Your loved ones will not lose a large part of their inheritance to the taxman?
  • If you and your partner are originally from different countries, that you can pass everything to each other without tax being paid first?

That your insurances, bank accounts and other money will not be frozen and then subject to tax should one of you die?

AAM Wealth Solutions work with expats in Singapore to ensure that, should the worst happen, your wishes are paramount and the impact of tax is minimised.

General Financial Review

As an expat you have many opportunities to improve your financial wellbeing, however you also face new challenges too.

You may have put a financial plan in place in your home country, or indeed another country before you arrived in Singapore. Do you know if:

  • Your plan is still effective for your new circumstances?
  • You are still allowed to save in this way?
  • There is no better way, now that you are in Singapore?
  • The life insurance and other protection plans you bought still cover you as an expat?

I will call you soon to arrange your complimentary consultation, or feel free to email me with some dates and times and I will schedule for you to meet with {!Lead.Advisor_name__c} 

Best regards,