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Are you Paying Unnecessary Tax and Letting Agent Fees on your UK Property?

Inheritance Tax

Income from a property in the UK is usually subject to UK tax wherever you reside. However, depending on your nationality and country of residence, you may be entitled to the UK personal tax allowance.

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Is this the Death of the UK Buy-to-Let Boom Years?

Following the recent Summer Budget there have been many who suggested that the boom in buy-to-let may be living on borrowed time. Two significant changes to tax rules for buy-to-let investors in residential property were revealed in the Budget.

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The Impact of a New UK Government

Following the General Election on 7th May, the Conservatives alone now form the UK government and it is a purely Conservative affair, not a coalition. Find out how this will impact you and what you can do about it.

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Guide to Capital Gains Tax for non-UK Residents

What you need to know if you’re not a resident in the UK and would like to sell a UK residential property. Download our FAQ guide for more information.

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