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Should you Transfer your Final Salary Pension?

Sometimes referred to as a Defined Benefit (or DB) pension, with final salary pensions your former employer will pay you a guaranteed fixed income from the day you retire until the day you die. If your spouse survives you, they will receive a reduced pension for life.

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The Intricacies of the Old and New UK State Pension System

For UK expats, the state pension is an important consideration when planning your retirement income. Working out your entitlement has become more complex following changes to the UK State Pension in 2016. This change is complex and there are transitional arrangements which try to ensure that no one is disadvantaged by the move to the new rules.

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Retirement Income Warning

While retirement certainly brings about its share of unknowns, perhaps the most daunting prospect associated with this stage of life is the potential to run out of money. That fear is so widespread, in fact, that 60% of baby boomers are more worried about depleting their nest eggs prematurely than actually dying.

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UK Final Salary Pensions – The £50BN Exodus

The knock-on effects of George Osborne’s pension flexibility proposals and whether you should transfer your pension.

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Is Keeping Your Final Salary Pension Really The Safest Thing To Do?

savings and investments - money for retirement.

The benefits and pitfalls of transferring a Final Salary Pension; what should you watch out for and what should be included in the report you receive.

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Do You Know If Your Final Salary Pension Scheme Is Right For You?

Savings and Investments Singapore AAM Advisory

There are many issues to consider when considering whether to transfer out of a Final Salary scheme and the complexity of these mean that you need advice from a fully qualified specialist in UK pension transfers. Here are the potential advantages and disadvantages of Final Salary Pensions and why a transfer might be in your interests.

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More Bad News for UK Pensions

Following the Bank of England’s historic decision to cut interest rates to 0.25%, as a result of the EU referendum result, gilt yields have plummeted to historic lows, with interest rates on some government bonds turning negative and this has left already struggling UK pensions reeling from the fallout…

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Brexit Pension & Tax Update

The votes have been cast and counted and Britain has voted to leave the EU. We are now in uncharted territory and it will take some time to understand what this means for the UK and for expats around the world.

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Will Your Final Salary Pension Pay You What You Are Expecting in Retirement?

Final Salary (DB) pension plans were the cornerstone of employer provided retirement benefits for many years. Recently, however, issues of financial solvency have put the availability of these benefits in question.

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