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Brexit – What does it mean for you?

The last few weeks have produced fundamental shifts in the world we have grown used to, following the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU, but what does this mean for you and what action do you need to take to protect yourself and your wealth from its impact?

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Brexit – Into the unknown

The UK referendum on EU membership has split the country’s electorate in two following an unpleasant and divisive period of electoral campaigning. There was no such split from the currency and equity markets which were firmly in the Remain camp. Both the value of Sterling and UK stock markets (along with equity markets globally) tumbled on the news of Brexit.

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Brexit Pension & Tax Update

The votes have been cast and counted and Britain has voted to leave the EU. We are now in uncharted territory and it will take some time to understand what this means for the UK and for expats around the world.

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