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Four Ways To Reduce Your US Taxes As An Expat

In this article, we review four ways you can reduce your US taxes as an Expat.

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Choosing the Right Amount of Life Cover

How do you calculate the amount of cover that you need to ensure your loved ones are adequately protected should the worst happen? There are two key elements in assessing the level of cover that is appropriate. The first is the amount of debt that you have and what your essential living..

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Do You Know If Your Final Salary Pension Scheme Is Right For You?

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There are many issues to consider when considering whether to transfer out of a Final Salary scheme and the complexity of these mean that you need advice from a fully qualified specialist in UK pension transfers. Here are the potential advantages and disadvantages of Final Salary Pensions and why a transfer might be in your interests.

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Rumours, Rhetoric and Reality – The UK Budget 2016

Before the Chancellor rose to deliver his latest budget, speculation was rife about changes to many aspects of UK taxation. So what happened? – The introduction of a sugar tax and a major row about disability benefits, but was that all?

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Could Your Final Salary Pension Drop in Value by up to 15%?

Those looking to transfer their final salary pensions could face drastic cuts from April. Visit us to learn more about the UK final salary pensions scheme.

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