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SARS 2020 - The Million Rand Question for South African Expats

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The 2020 South African Tax Grab

As a South African expat in Singapore living in a country where the top tax rate is 22%, but your salary falls into South Africa’s tax bracket, the taxman now wants to come after you to collect the difference of 23%.

This means foreign employment income will become fully taxable‚ and the only relief that may be claimed is foreign taxes paid as a tax credit. For example‚ if you fall into the 45% tax bracket and pay 22% tax in Singapore‚ SARS will collect the difference of 23% from March 2020.

What are your options?

The AAM Wealth Solutions team, working closely with Quilter, are examining closely the options open to South African expats in Singapore, namely:

  1. Establishing Non-Ordinarily Resident Status and ensuring that you do not fall foul of the Physical Presence Test
  2. Formally Emigrating financially from South Africa
  3. Accepting the changes and paying the additional tax bill

How can you find out where you stand?

What about your assets outside South Africa?

It is vital that you structure your wealth correctly to mitigate the impact of Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Donations Tax and Estate Taxes. If you do not, you could be in for a nasty shock as the automatic sharing of information on your wealth with SARS has already taken effect.

Book a complimentary consultation with us to find out what are your best options and how you can structure your wealth for tax efficiency.

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