Complimentary UK Pension Audit worth £840 for your friend & a Bottle of Wine for you

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You are in control of your pension but are your friends? 

You have taken action to ensure that you have the Optimum Pension for your retirement goals but many of your friends and colleagues may not have

Help your friends and colleagues secure their retirement with a complimentary AAM UK Pension Audit worth £840 and receive a bottle wine as a thank you when your friend meet with us.

A complimentary Pension Audit will tell them:

•    How much their pensions are worth and what they can expect when they retire
•    Whether their pensions will allow them to take their retirement income when and how they want
•    What the impact of tax will be on their retirement plans
•    Whether they are on track for their perfect retirement
•    If their pension will pay them for all of their life
•    If they have the Optimum Pension for their circumstances and plans or if there is a better alternative

The combination of Brexit uncertainty and low interest rates mean that there has never been a better time to consider how your pensions are managed.

If your friends or colleagues have a UK Pension, they should have a UK Pension Audit now – remember that having been introduced by an AAM Client their Audit is complimentary.