Investment Principles Guide

Introduction to AAM’s Investment Principles

In the world of investing, there are many things that we cannot control. Coming to terms with this can be a big challenge and the fear of a lack of control can deter some people from investing at all. Some of these common themes are:

  1. Can we pick winning stocks?
  2. Can we pick superior managers?
  3. Is it possible to time markets?
  4. Filtering out the noise from the financial press
  5. How do interest rates impact markets?
  6. How do exchange rates impact your returns?
  7. How does inflation impact your returns?
  8. What should I expect from market performance


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What Can You Expect To Find Inside The  AAM Investment Principles Guide?

Designed in an easy to read format, we have broken the guide down into 6 sections, to help you understand crucial investment principles.

A resource you will definitely want to keep, containing essential investment principles you will need to know in order to grow your wealth for the long term.


Who We Are

Our Regulation

Our Investment Team

Our Investment Service

Value to Clients

Aligning Our Interests

Our Investment Principles

1) Long-Term Performance
The Eroding Effect of Inflation
Beating Inflation
The Benefits of Compounding
Our Approach

2) Patience
Riding Out Drawdowns
‘Timing the Market’ or ‘Time in the Market’?
Our Approach

3) Asset Allocation
Top-Down or Bottom-Up Investing?
Reducing Risk Through Diversification
Correlation is Crucial
Balancing Risk and Returns: The Power of Correlation
Modern Portfolio Theory
Risk Targeting
T Investment Portfolio
Our Approach

4) Choosing the Right Funds
Active or Passive Investing?
Beating the Benchmark
Active vs. Passive Across Different Markets
Currency Hedging
Reducing Portfolio Risk Through Currency Hedging
Our Approach

5) Efficient Portfolio Advice
Portfolio Rebalancing
When to Rebalance
Our Approach

6) Ongoing Advice
Implementing a Financial Plan
Staying Connected
Reviewing our Advice



About AAM Advisory

AAM Advisory offers complete financial planning services for Expatriates, Permanent Residents and Singaporeans focused around wealth creation and preservation strategies. We have a team of over 30 experienced financial representatives backed by a wealth of research, knowledge and expertise servicing over 5,000 clients and in excess of SGD 1 billion under advisement.

Our office is located in the heart of the CBD at CapitaGreen, an ultra-modern 40-storey eco-friendly office tower.

International Adviser, Best Practice Adviser Awards (Singapore)
We were winners in the following categories:

  1. Best Adviser Firm, by Region (2018)
  2. Excellence In Operational Efficiency (2018)
  3. Excellence In Professional Development (2018)
  4. Excellence In Marketing & Client Engagement (2017)
  5. Excellence In Social Media (2017)
  6. Excellence In Investment Planning (2016) 
  7. Excellence In Professional Development (2016)

Expat Living Reader’s Choice
We were Gold Winners, winning best Financial Planning company, 2019