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The success of AAM has been built on its solid investment proposition and the cornerstone to this is having a dedicated Investment Research Team (IRT) who are in place to drive investment decisions and ensure our clients are invested in robust and diversified portfolios appropriate for their circumstances, financial goals and tolerance for risk.

Taking A Disciplined Investment Methodology Approach

We advise on portfolios across a range of different investment styles. In each case we believe our role is not to avoid risk, but rather to understand the relationship between risk and reward and to manage risk appropriately, relative to the objectives of the portfolio. We select investments and construct our portfolios in a disciplined manner, with an emphasis on identifying and controlling risk. We avoid speculation and our Investment Process ensures our portfolios are appropriately diversified.

What Are My Best Options?

The investment process involves understanding the specific objectives and risk aversions of each individual client. A tailored portfolio of funds is then constructed to meet that clients objectives and is then managed on an ongoing basis. The overall investment and fund selection process is a top down approach using tactical asset allocation. The overriding premise behind this approach is that asset allocation is of crucial importance if the investment objectives are to be achieved, and that these asset allocation decisions are determined by the current macro economic environment. The second tier fund selection process focuses on investing in the best performing qualified funds that meet the objectives of the asset allocation process.

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About AAM Advisory

AAM Advisory offers complete financial planning services for Expatriates, Permanent Residents and Singaporeans focused around wealth creation and preservation strategies. We have a team of over 30 experienced financial representatives backed by a wealth of research, knowledge and expertise servicing over 5,000 clients and in excess of SGD 1 billion under advisement.

International Adviser, Best Practice Adviser Awards (Singapore)
We were winners in the following categories:

  1. Best Adviser Firm, by Region (2018)
  2. Excellence In Operational Efficiency (2018)
  3. Excellence In Professional Development (2018)
  4. Excellence In Marketing & Client Engagement (2017)
  5. Excellence In Social Media (2017)
  6. Excellence In Investment Planning (2016)
  7. Excellence In Professional Development (2016)

Expat Living Reader’s Choice
We were Gold Winners, winning best Financial Planning company, 2019