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What You Can Learn From an Insurance Consultation

Protection is an essential component of financial well-being. At a meeting with our licensed advisers, we aim to understand your unique considerations so you can learn your options on achieving the right level of coverage.

Learn more about how these 4 Common Types of Insurance can be used to complete your financial well-being.

About Conventional Life Insurance

Uk & Australia Life Insurance Plans

Most UK & Australian life insurance plans offer domestic cover only.  They will cover you “globally” if you’re traveling with work, or are taking a holiday, but once you become an overseas resident it’s likely that you’re paying for something each month that you may never be able to use!

Australia premium verses Singapore

Australian based premiums are often “stepped” and cover becomes increasingly more expensive as you get older. This is not the case with Singapore where the premiums are “level” and you can lock in now at a premium based on your current age.

British Expats

British Expats, are you aware that 40%* of your life policy proceeds would likely go straight to the taxman?

*Refer to disclaimer – Terms of use

About AAM Advisory

AAM Advisory offers a complete financial planning service for expatriates, Permanent Residents and Singaporeans focused around wealth creation and preservation strategies.  The company has a team of fully experienced financial representatives backed by a wealth of research, knowledge and expertise servicing over 5,000 clients and in excess of SGD 1 Billion under advisement. 

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Book a no-obligation review with one of our expat protection specialists in Singapore now.

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