Compass Fund Factsheets

Please visit this page regularly for Fund Fact Sheets and Key Investor Information Documents relating to your Compass Investments.

Compass Portfolio 2

Fund Fact SheetKey Investor Information
Compass Portfolio 2 AUD HedgedCompass Portfolio 2 KIID AUD
Compass Portfolio 2 EUR HedgedCompass Portfolio 2 KIID EUR
Compass Portfolio 2 GBP HedgedCompass Portfolio 2 KIID GBP
Compass Portfolio 2 SGD HedgedCompass Portfolio 2 KIID SGD
Compass Portfolio 2 USD HedgedCompass Portfolio 2 KIID USD


Compass Portfolio 3

Fund Fact SheetKey Investor Information
Compass Portfolio 3 AUD HedgedCompass Portfolio 3 KIID AUD
Compass Portfolio 3 EUR HedgedCompass Portfolio 3 KIID EUR
Compass Portfolio 3 GBP HedgedCompass Portfolio 3 KIID GBP
Compass Portfolio 3 SGD HedgedCompass Portfolio 3 KIID SGD
Compass Portfolio 3 USD HedgedCompass Portfolio 3 KIID USD


Compass Portfolio 4

Fund Fact SheetKey Investor Information
Compass Portfolio 4 AUD HedgedCompass Portfolio 4 KIID AUD
Compass Portfolio 4 EUR HedgedCompass Portfolio 4 KIID EUR
Compass Portfolio 4 GBP HedgedCompass Portfolio 4 KIID GBP
Compass Portfolio 4 SGD HedgedCompass Portfolio 4 KIID SGD
Compass Portfolio 4 USD HedgedCompass Portfolio 4 KIID USD


Compass Portfolio 5

Fund Fact SheetKey Investor Information
Compass Portfolio 5 AUD HedgedCompass Portfolio 5 KIID AUD
Compass Portfolio 5 EUR HedgedCompass Portfolio 5 KIID EUR
Compass Portfolio 5 GBP HedgedCompass Portfolio 5 KIID GBP
Compass Portfolio 5 SGD HedgedCompass Portfolio 5 KIID SGD
Compass Portfolio 5 USD HedgedCompass Portfolio 5 KIID USD

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