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5 Life Changing Financial Tips

Most investors want to earn the highest rate of return whilst minimising risk. AAM presents Five nuggets of financial wisdom that could change the way you invest.

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Another Year, Another UK Budget

Back in November 2016, the then relatively new Chancellor announced an end to Spring Budgets after the one due in March 2017. A new cycle is now in place, with March 2018 having seen Mr. Hammond present a relatively brief Spring Statement. Whereas his predecessors had often turned the Autumn Statement into a second unofficial Budget, Mr. Hammond is aiming for major tax changes to be announced only once every 12 months, well ahead of the start of the tax year.

It is rumoured that the next Budget could come as early as October.

So, what can we expect…?

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Should you Transfer your Final Salary Pension?

Sometimes referred to as a Defined Benefit (or DB) pension, with final salary pensions your former employer will pay you a guaranteed fixed income from the day you retire until the day you die. If your spouse survives you, they will receive a reduced pension for life.

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The Intricacies of the Old and New UK State Pension System

For UK expats, the state pension is an important consideration when planning your retirement income. Working out your entitlement has become more complex following changes to the UK State Pension in 2016. This change is complex and there are transitional arrangements which try to ensure that no one is disadvantaged by the move to the new rules.

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Inheritance Creation

When you have an asset, say a family business, that you want to leave to one, or more, of your children who work with you, but you have insufficient assets for your other children not involved with the ‘family firm’. What do you do to ensure they are all treated fairly? The answer?

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Mutual Wills Explained

Estate Planning Singapore AAM Advisory

The biggest fear for many couples when making a will can often be that when one of them passes away the survivor could reduce the amount left to the intended beneficiaries meaning that even if the survivor does not change their will there can still be problems if they spend the money or give it to someone other than the mutually intended beneficiaries. A potential solution to this problem could be to make mutual wills.

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Five Common Mistakes UK Expats Make About Domicile And Tax

Research has uncovered some misunderstandings among British expats when it comes to their domicile and tax position. These misunderstandings could leave you and your loved ones financially exposed, and could even land you in trouble with HMRC if you are not paying the correct UK taxes.

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Retirement Income Warning

While retirement certainly brings about its share of unknowns, perhaps the most daunting prospect associated with this stage of life is the potential to run out of money. That fear is so widespread, in fact, that 60% of baby boomers are more worried about depleting their nest eggs prematurely than actually dying.

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Will Keeping your Self-Managed Super Turn into a Nightmare?

Did you follow all the advice about putting money away for your retirement? Having consulted your accountant did you decide to setup a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)? If you did and then you moved overseas for a few years you urgently need to seek advice as your SMSF may become non-complying and this could be a very expensive mistake.

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The Difference Between Expat And Local Insurance

Can locals benefit? Why would expats need ‘special’ insurance? This article aims to simplify the options available for all.

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