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The International Parent – Taking care of Business … and Education!

In these times of international schools and international outlooks we must prepare for the reality of global education. For them it’s wondrous and the opportunities are boundless.

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Which Comes First: Saving for Retirement? Or Your Children’s Education?

When money is tight, you have to make choices. Which is why if you’re putting money away towards your children’s further education whilst trying to save for your retirement, you may well wonder – what should be the priority? Assuming that you may not be in the position to fund both goals, financial experts generally will always tell you that retirement should be your first savings priority. Why you ask? The arguments below should convince you.

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The Australian Budget 2015 – What are the key threats to your financial well-being?

Find out how the changes introduced in the Budget will impact you as an Australian Expatriate and what you can do about it.

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