Australian Budget 2017 – What will it mean for you?



Thursday 25th May

One year on and it is nearly time for another Budget. A year ago, we saw major changes proposed for Super, some of which were reversed – albeit partially.

With the Budget due on 9th May, the Government is leading with a message of business growth driven by lower taxes and infrastructure spending, however what is less clear is how these measures will be paid for.

In the run up to the budget we have seen suggestions from the Treasurer of a “Ghost Tax” on unoccupied properties owned by non-residents, the Labour party continuing to press on Negative Gearing and various groups lobbying on further tightening on Super to benefit lower earners, one thing that is certain is that it is sure to be a Budget to watch for expats.

On 25th May 2017, Ian Black – AAM Head of Wealth Solutions – will discuss the changes introduced in the Budget, how these will impact you and what you can do about them, focussing on the actions you should take to protect yourself from ever increasing taxes, both whilst you are overseas and after you return to Australia.

Date: Thursday 25th May 2017

Speaker: Ian Black, Head of Wealth Solutions

Time: Choose one of the following session timings

  •              12.30 pm to 1.30 pm (Seminar commences @ 12.45pm)
  •              6.00 pm to 7.30 pm (Seminar commences @ 6.30 pm)          

Cost: Complimentary (Light Refreshments Included) Wine available at 6.00 pm

Venue: AAM Advisory, CapitaGreen #06-01, 138 Market Street, Singapore 048946