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UK Expat Property Owners Under Attack – Again!

UK Budget 2018

At the Conservative Party conference, Theresa May stated the Government’s intention to impose a levy on “Foreign” buyers of UK property. The definition of “foreign” is being non-UK resident for tax purposes which will impact UK expats around the world. This levy is likely to be in the range 1% – 3% and further announcements will be made in due course.

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5 Life Changing Financial Tips

Most investors want to earn the highest rate of return whilst minimising risk. AAM presents Five nuggets of financial wisdom that could change the way you invest.

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Brace for A Budget Stealth Tax Grab Seminar

Amongst the noise surrounding the Brexit negotiations, Budget rumours have already begun, with the Chancellor needing to find £20 billion by 2023 to fund NHS spending pledges. The Chancellor is also set to examine capital gains tax, Inheritance Tax and maybe even invent stealth taxes, so you may need to act fast to protect yourself. This could be a momentous Budget and knowing how you are affected could make all the difference to your wealth.

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Another Year, Another UK Budget

Back in November 2016, the then relatively new Chancellor announced an end to Spring Budgets after the one due in March 2017. A new cycle is now in place, with March 2018 having seen Mr. Hammond present a relatively brief Spring Statement. Whereas his predecessors had often turned the Autumn Statement into a second unofficial Budget, Mr. Hammond is aiming for major tax changes to be announced only once every 12 months, well ahead of the start of the tax year.

It is rumoured that the next Budget could come as early as October.

So, what can we expect…?

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Wills and Protection: An informative talk

Please join us for an informative evening, where we’ll discuss the importance of wills and protection. Making a will is an important part of estate planning and some of us are not aware of the adverse consequences of not having a valid will. We’ll also cover the need to safeguard your family’s income and lifestyle against financial loss in the event the unexpected occurs with the combination of life insurance and protection plans.

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